CME / Workshop Program in 2017

Sr.No Date CME / Workshop Topic Speaker
1 18/01/2017 CME Beyond Statins----------? Dr. Shiv Shankar ( HOD, General Medicine)
2 1/02/2017 Research Forum 1. Gender Differences in Childhood Poisoning. 2. Bite Mark Analysis using Computer Assisted Hand Tracing Overlay Method. Dr. Pratik Tarvadi (Asso. Prof. , Forensic Medicine)
3 14/02/2017 CME Recent advances in the Management of Breast Carcinoma Dr. K. C. Choudhary, (HOD, General Surgery)
4 1/03/2017 Research Forum Phenotypic methods for detection and differentiation of Carbapenemases in clinical isolates of Enterobacteriaceae Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (Assistant Professor, Microbiology)
5 1/03/2017 Research Forum Clinico-Haematological correlation in cases of Malaria. Dr. Manjula Babariya ( Assistant Professor, Microbiology)
6 15/03/2017 CME Basics of Knee Replacement Dr. B. L. Kumar, (HOD, Orthopedic)
7 25/03/2017 CME World Tuberculosis Day Dr. Dinesh Kothari, (District Tuberculosis Officer)
8 05/04/2017 Research Forum 1. Study of Morphology of Trachea in different age group of Maharastrian Population 2. Ultrasonographic measurement of splenic Length in reletion with Height in Gujarati Population Dr. Dashrath H Pimple, (Asst. Prof., Anatomy) ,Dr .Ram Kunar Singhal(Asst. Prof., Anatomy)
9 19/04/2017 CME Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Dr. Rakesh Kushwaha Kothari, (HOD Anesthesia)
10 23/08/2017 CME Swine Flu : General Introduction,Epidemiology & Management Dr. Piyush Parmar (Asst. Prof., Community Medicine)

CME / Workshop Program in 2016

Sr.No Date CME / Workshop Topic Speaker
1 06/01/2016 CME Rational Use of Anti-Biotics Dr. A.P. Gupta
2 16/03/2016 CME “Nosocomial Infection Control” ShyamBabuSaxena
3 13/04/2016 CME Common Skin Diseases in Summer Season Dr.Shivangi Sharma
4 15/06/2016 CME Advances in Cataract & Glaucoma Surgery – Opthalmology Dr. Alok Vyas
5 22/08/2016 CME Newer vaccines & its Importance Dr. VivekParasar
6 24/08/2016 CME Pharmaco vigilance : Knowledge, Attitude & Perception Dr. Imran Mohammed Imran
7 21/09/2016 CME “ Obstetrics and Gynecology –Emergencies” Dr. P.K. Bhatnagar
8 19/10/2016 CME “ Diverse Problem in Medical Care ” Dr.A.P.Gupta
9 16/11/2016 CME “Research Methods in Health/Medical Sciences ” Dr. K. A. Varghese
10 07/12/2016 Research Forum “ A comparison between traditional and case based method for learning physiology in first MBBS students” & “Effect of regular physical activity on galvanic skin resistance, cardiovascular parameters and parameters and perceived stress levels in young females ” Dr. Ajay Kukreja
11 21/12/2016 Research Forum “ Treatment of Dengue and Malaria” Dr. Shiv Shanker

CME / Workshop Program in 2015

Sr.No Date CME / Workshop Topic Speaker
1 14/03/2015 Workshop Ablation of Varicose Veins Dr. M.M. Mangal Dr. S. R. Meena Dr. A.P. Gupta
2 18/04/2015 CME Coronary Artery Disease Dr. J.K. Chhaparwal
3 20/06/2015 CME Immunization in Pediatrics Dr. A.P. Gupta
4 22/08/2015 CME Ventilatory Therapy in ARDS Dr. Ajay Singhal
5 24/10/2015 CME Echocardiography in PIMS Dr. J.K. Chhaparwal
6 28/11/2015 CME CPAP Therapy in RDS in neonate Dr. A.P. Gupta

As this is our Ist year, so the Credit Hour has not yet provided.